Radiation cataract

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I am going through a past question,i could not understand the pathophysiology of infrared radiation,x -ray & microwave as a cause of cataract.







Thanks for your question
The human lens consists of fibers which are without nucleus and organs and epithelial cells. In order for the lens to be transparent, the biochemical environment inside the fibers and the cells should be stable and any defects in this environment will cause water and other materials to accumulate inside these fibers, leading to opacity of the lens or cataract.

These radiations will cause cataract by two ways:

1- Oxidation processes which will produce free radicals that will damage and disturb the biochemical environment of the lens. There are several anti oxidation factors such as vitamin C inside the cells and also in aqueous humor which surround the lens. These factors will act against these free radicals but sometimes, free radicals will overcome the action of these factors and with time, the biochemical environment of the lens will be disturbed and water and other materials will accumulate inside the fibers causing opacity or cataract

2- By damaging the DNA, so the new lens fibers that are formed from these defected DNA will have defects in their biochemical environments, causing lens opacity and cataract.
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