Lasik Surgery for High Myopic Patient

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Can you tell me that Lasik surgery is suitable for me or not ?

Right eye with glasses: 6/18 . Sphere is -22.0 D, cylinder is -1.50 D.

Left eye with glasses:6/9 . Sphere is -19 D, cylinder -2.0 D.

I m 21 years old i m wearing glasses since i was 3 years old if lasik surgery is not good for me then can you tell the other way to get rid of my glasses?







Thanks for your Question
Lasik has limits for Myopia. It can't be used for patients who have myopia more than -14 to-16 Diaptor.
There are alternatives to Lasik for patients who have high myopia and these are:
1- Phakic Intraocular lens Implantation.Special designed lens will be implanted inside your eye and infront of the natural crystalline lens.
2- Clear Lens Extraction with or without Intraocular lens implantation. The natural crystalline lens will be removed in the same mechanism as phaco-emulsification surgery for cataract. The decision of Implantation of intraocular lens will depend on how long is your eye and the power of the intraocular lens.
Both of these options are good but nowadays most of the surgeon prefer to use Phakic IOL.
Complete ocular examination especially diluted fundus examination is required prior to any ocular surgery.
For more information about Phakic IOL please visit this link, Phakic Intraocular lens
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