Why Lumigan Taken at Night?

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My mother is 87 and still lives on her own. We are having the Local nurse come in at morning to supervise her taking her tablets.

They won't however administer the lumigan drops, as it says on the bottle to administer at night.This means that the nursing service becomes obsolete and she may have to go to respite care as we can't do evening administrations.

How important is this issue ?

Given the circumstances can we administer correctly in the morning via a nurse ?

I can't find anywhere good information about why the evening is recommended.

Could you please advise.

Surely in an old patient once daily by a nurse will be OK ?

Thanks in advance






Thanks for your question

It very important to take Lumigan at night or at bed time because:

1- Intraocular pressure(IOP) is higher at dark than light

2- IOP reduction by Lumigan and Xalatan was significantly greater during the night than during the day.

3- During sleep and especially in old people, the blood pressure will decrease and the blood flow to optic disc and nerve will decrease also, so any minimum increase in intraocular pressure will have more effect on optic nerve than normal.


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