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I am 24 years old female, i underwent a PIOL Artisan implant surgery 16 days ago in my right eye. My vision was -16 dp now it is 18/6. I can see very well but i am experiencing a horizontal line in the middle of my vision that i could express it as i have tears only in this part make me see things double specially the light. I attached a photo that may clarify what i am saying- this is not visible to others only me can see through it .

My ophthalmologist checked me 4 days after the surgery and he didn't notice that so i believed it is not serious. but now it annoys me more specially with computer and sun.

I still take my drops (gatifloxacin & prednisolone acetate)

Is this a normal case ? or i have to check my doctor again ?

I stopped wearing contacts a week before the surgery and I underwent a retinal detachment surgery in my left eye 4 months ago.

Thank you






Thanks for your question

I need to know first did you have any surgery before in the right eye.
If this line moves it is most likely floaters.If not. most likely it is wrinkle in the posterior bag of the lens.

I need more information about your eye and why your doctor use artisan.

Thanks for your response

I didn't have any surgeries before in the right eye.
This line doesn't move it still exist at the same place and doesn't have any color, it is like a tear makes a shadow for everything. I agree it may be a wrinkle in the bag of the lens.
I don't have any history for this eye just my old prescription was
Right : sphere -16 cylinder -2.5
Left : sphere -13 cylinder -2.0
Then I had a retinal detachment surgery in the left eye with gas bubble, cataract and lens implant ; after 2 months I made a YAG laser session and then I had a new prescription
Right : the same
Left : sphere +1.50 cylinder +1.0
So we decided to have lens implant in the right eye to make balance in vision between both eyes.
What should I do if it is really a wrinjle ? Will I need a YAG laser session or there is another solution ?
And if it is a wrinkle, will it be visible for my opthalmologist if he checked me ?


Response from webeyeclinic/after PIOL Artisan implant

wrinkle in the posterior capsule can be removed with YAG laser and only after 6 month at least from the surgery.

it should be visible to your have second opinion.

I agree with the second choice, it may be a wrinkle in the capsule as the vision is so clear except this line which doesn't move and still at the same place all the time.
I dont have any surgeries before in my right eye.
Before any surgery my prescription was
Right : -16 dp -2,5 Astigmatism
Left : -13 dp -2.0 Astigmatism
I underwent retinal detachment surgery in the left eye with gas bubble and cataract with lens implant. After that my prescription became
Right : the same above
Left : +1.5 dp +1.0 Astigmatism
So we decided to make lens implant in the right to balance the vision between both eyes.
After 2 months of the retinal surgery I made a YAG laser session to clears the capsule, do you think I will need to do the same for the right eye ?


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