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I JUST learned about Superfocus glasses today, when I went in to have an adjustment to two old pairs of glasses I wear... which are in addition to three other NEW pairs I have... NONE of which gives me perfect vision. Why, you might ask? Because I had RK on both eyes twenty years or so ago. My vision at that time was so far on the nearsighted spectrum that without glasses I was legally blind. The RK DID give me near-perfect vision... to begin with. But now, twenty years later.... not so much.

My vision fluctuates by around 2 diopters from waking in the morning to bedtime. Both eyes are now farsighted in the a.m., the right one is still farsighted at night, but the left is normal or even a tad nearsighted. I've tried using various powers of reading glasses, but because my right eye is now at least 2 diopters different than the left one, that doesn't work too well either. As I explained all this to the optician, she told me about 'Superfocus' eyewear. Oh WOW - YES!! That sounds like JUST what I've needed for at least the last four years!!! I thought I was might be able to have really perfect vision again, no matter what time of day. Then she tried to look it up for me only to find...

Out of business.

Soooo close. Ah well. Maybe someone somewhere will realize that for people like me, this type of eyewear could be just what is needed, and start making them again. I can hope, anyway.



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