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    Lasik 2 years ago
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Hello doctor,

I have itchy, pink lines in eyes, and difficult opening of eyes in the morning without discharge. Also, I am sensitive to light and have blurred vision at the end of the day. I'm using liposic gel at night but during the day I'm using naphcon but still feeling discomfort in eyes.

What is the problem and which medicine should I use?







Thanks for your Question

It seems you have allergic conjunctivitis with dry eyes. Lasik can cause chronic dry eyes so you have to use preservative free lubricant eye drops such as artelac advance, refresh plus, hylo-comod and so on.

Most of your symptoms such as light sensitivity and difficulty to open in the morning are related to dryness, For allergic eye condition i prefer to use Patanol or Alaway Eye Drops twice daily for at least one month.

I don't recommend to use Naphcon as it can cause dryness, red eye and also can cause blurred vision.

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