Corneal Ulcer

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I have a scratch in my cornea which doesnt really bother me all the time but sometimes it comes back and i will be sensitive to light, itchy, red and the it will be quite painful. Usually it happens right when i open my eyes from waking up in the morning

When I went to a specialist the first time they gave me an antiabiotic lubricant but on the second visit they gave me an "over the counter" salt solution eye drop for the ulcer in my cornea. I used it for a few months and it stopped coming back.

Now it has started again and unfortunately I have lost the name of the drop or its kind. When I went to the pharmacy they couldn't help me identify any salt solution eye drop.

Getting a specialist appointment in Canada takes at least 20 days if lucky and I cannot stand the pain in my eye. Can you please guess what kind of eye drop the doctor recommended so that I can go the pharmacy and buy it?






Thanks for your Question
It seems that you have recurrent corneal epithelial erosions in which the superficial layer of the cornea is recurrently detached from the cornea causing pain, excessive tearing and blurred vision.

The name of this eye drop is Apisal Eye Drop or apisal eye ointment.


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