Treatment of Amblyopia

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My daughter now is 11 and was told a year ago that she does not have to wear glasses no more.In turn wear a patch @ night and that will fix her eyes.
Myself being shocked over the years of complaints after the glasses weren't cool no more,hit me all wrong.She had routine eye exams yearly.I went to another eye doctor and she was diagnosed with amblyopia..with no hope.Second eye doctor said it is a skill you learn just like walking,talking....
I am very frustrated.Was the first doctor liable for my daughters problems?Is it easy to misdiagnosis this problem?






Thanks for your Question
There are many causes of Amblyopia and one of these causes is due to refractive errors that are not corrected by eyeglasses at young age. If your daughter has refractive error, wearing eye glasses is essential in amblyopia treatments.

Eye patching is also essential in amblyopia treatments. You have to patch the eye with good vision in order to stimulate the eye with poor vision. The duration of patching depends on many factors such as age and visual acuity. Eye patching should be done during the day and when the patient is awake. It has no benefits if the eye is patched at night during sleep.
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