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I am 21 years old. In my left eye i have +3 and in the right -2. I want to wear contact lenses, so, which contact lenses can i wear? Can i wear plus and minus at the same time ? in one +3 in another one -2 ??

PS. Before i was wearing eyeglasses in the left +1(because my eye-doctor told me that it would be hard for me to adapt to +3) and in the right one +0,25 though my vision in the right eye is -2) and my left eye is a "lazy eye" no matter what size of glasses i wear, i still cannot see so well.

I have never used any eye-drops .

Looking forward to hearing from you.







Thanks for your Question

It you have Amblyopia or left lazy eye there is no need to add +3 because it won't improve with eyeglasses. You should focusing in correcting the refractive power of the right eye. If your refractive power in the right eye is confirmed to be -2.0 then you should wear eyeglasses with power -2.0.

by: Nika

I am wearing +3 LENS in the lazy LEFT EYE. and the right eye needs -2, but i am not wearing anything for the right eye. so, do you mean that i should wear -2 for both eyes? but the LEFT LAZY EYE is + and the right -. If i use -2 LENSES for both eyes won't it spoil my LEFT LAZY EYE more? Becaue in the left lazy eye i have.

-The only advantage of eyeglasses is to improve your vision. Your right eye is -2 and if your visual acuity in the right eye improved with -2 eyeglasses you can wear it only to see clearly. It won't stabilize to reduce the refractive power. Regarding the left eye, it is a lazy eye and your right eye is the dominant eye so there is no need to wear +3 on that eye because it won't add any to your vision and it won't get worse if you didn't wear +3 for it.


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