Risky Corneal transplantation

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First of all , I will describe my situation .
My right eye needs a corneal transplantation surgery and my left eye has very low vision . The doctor told me that , I can not do the surgery , because my right eye has a big blood vessel , so the body will reject the new corneal .

My questions ,

1- Is it better to do to the surgery or leave the eye as it is ??

2- As you can see , that I have very bad vision , so will I be able to study medicine or it will be difficult for me ??

Thanks a lot






Thanks for your Question
The information that you gave me are not enough to answer your questions. I need to know what is cause of low vision in your left eye and why you need corneal transplantation surgery in your right eye and what is your visual acuity in both eyes for near and far. Are you using any medications?

Corneal blood vessels are high risk factor for corneal rejection because immune cells and white blood cells will have access to the new corneal tissue and can cause immune reaction with injection.


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