Traumatic cataract immediately after lucentis injection

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Have received about 25-30 lucentis injections for wet macular degeneration over the course of five years. Last week I was immediately aware of sudden extreme blurriness. Drs nurse said it must be medication and to call if didn't clear. Six hrs later I called. Dr at other Office. I was seen that evening by his associates who were puzzled but concluded I had an air bubble in eye.

One laughed condescendingly when I asked if an "instant cataract" were possible. He told me to go home and relax!

Next day still just as blurry. Called my dr back (retina specialist) and saw him. His diagnosis was cataract and referral to cataract surgeon. (due to Xmas that takes two weeks). I'm terrified of complicated procedure, complications, and not regaining my sight in that eye! Doc said this is very rare. Only happened to him once before. Sounded as if he may work with the surgeon to "clean it up", whatever that means. Four more days til appointment.

What do I need to know and ask about all this? I'm feeling very depressed.






Thanks for your Question

Cataract surgery is a safe procedure and you shouldn't be depressed about it. The only thing you should do is to choose a good cataract surgeon.


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