Red eyes,pain and Eye floaters?

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I'm really very scared. I'm a young girl with high myopia and I see floaters and flashes for years. The last month I noticed red veins in my eyes(I didn't have them before),I have pain in my eyes and are very tired especially at nights. Whats wrong? Is it a uveitis? A retinal detachment? Help me please and sorry for my English.







Thanks for your Question
You said that you have eye floaters and flashes of lights for years which is against acute retinal detachment and acute Uveitis.
Retinal detachment manifested by sudden increase in eye floaters with flashes of light followed by visual loss.
Uveitis can be manifested as painful red eye and eye floaters but it is also associated with blurred vision.
Veins on the eye are normally present and sometimes ,due to many reason such as tiredness, dry eyes, these veins can be temporary dilated.
I always advise my patients with high myopia to have annual ocular examination and to seek medical attention if they notice any new symptom or sign. If you think that your vision is blurred, your eyes are red and painful or you want reassurance, you can visit your eye doctor for full ocular examination.


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