Washout Procedure for the eye

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Washout procedure is type of ocular surgery that occurs to washout the anterior chamber of the eye.

What are the indications of the washout Procedure:

1- Hyphema. Hyphema is blood in the anterior chamber of the eye and there are many cause of this bleeding such as ocular trauma, after surgery, neovascular glaucoma, ocular tumors and blood disease. Not all hyphema is an indication of washout procedure. Hyphema that is long lasting and that associated with high intraocular pressure and corneal staining are indications of washout procedure to remove blood.

2- Remnant of Viscoelastic material inside the anterior chamber after intraocular surgery especially after cataract surgery. This viscoelastic material is thick material that the eye can't get rid of it. The presence of it inside the eye can cause high intraocular pressure that is resistant to anti-high intraocular pressure eye drops.

3- Remnant of parts of the cataract after cataract surgery. These parts can cause severe intraocular inflammation that is resistant to corticosteroid eye drops.

4- Remnant OF Silicon oil. This material is used during vitrectomy surgery to stabilize the retina and prevent retinal detachment. The presence of this material in the anterior chamber of the eye can cause high intraocular pressure and corneal staining.



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