Post Cataract Surgery Pain

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It has been six weeks since having cataracts surgery. But I'm still experiencing A lot of pain and sensitivity .
I have been using Refresh eye drops but sometimes that even irritates the eye.






After cataract surgery, pain is a common complaint but it shouldn't last more than a week. Patients who have pain after 1 week from cataract surgery should have full eye examination to find the cause which could be corneal abrasion, high intraocular pressure, uveitis with ciliary spasm and can be late-onset endophthalmitis.

My advise to you is to visit your eye doctor as soon as you can to have full ocular examination.

Eye Pain

My experience with eye pain was that it was discovered after more then three months that part of the cortex had been left in my eye at the time of the original surgery.

Of course, I had to undergo removal of the foreign body from my eye and then go through another recovery period along with the various eye drops and visits to my ophthalmologist.

You may have your doctor carefully examine your eye in an attempt to find if there happens to be some of the original cataract remaining in the eye.


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