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I'm 14, and I'm nearsighted with astigmatism. I have no real eye diseases. I have had no surgeries, nor am I prescribed eye drops. I wear contacts taking them out every 1-3 days. (I'm allowed to sleep in them.) In my left eye, there is a strong red color. It is irritating and I often feel a burning sensation. There is no pus or gunk coming out of my eye .

It had originally lasted for 2 days. I was free from redness or irritation for a week, but now it's been back for 3 days. I have seasonal allergies, and each time my left eye got red it was after an illness. My right eye is perfectly healthy. During these events, my vision was not impaired. What caused the irritation, and how can I stop it?






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Red eye after illness is most likely to be viral conjunctivitis which can be treated with Corticosteroid eye drops but shouldn't be used without the permission of your eye doctor

Allergic conjunctivitis usually occur in both eyes not one eye.

Dry eyes can also be a possible especially because you are a contact lens wearer. You can use over the counter artificial tears such as Genteal eye drops, refresh tears and optive eye drops.

I recommend to visit an eye doctor if you have recurrent red eye, discharge or blurred vision.

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