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Dear Doctor,

My 99 years old grandmother has lost her vision for a few days. Her right eye is completely blind due to cataract over 2 years ago, but her left eye vision got lost since a few days ago and is painless, and strangely her vision retuned for 30 minutes yesterday, then black-out again.

Can you please tell me what causes that to happen? Is there a medical name for it and what are the treatments?

My grandmother has been lying in bed for 7 months now because of her hip is broken, so she can’t walk or seat up. She can only barely move her left part of her body a little bit.







Thanks for your question

Temporary loss of vision is most likely caused by ischemic changes or reduce of blood flow to the retina, optic nerve or visual cortex of the brain. Ischemia to these parts can cause permanent loss vision but some times and for some reasons blood starts to reach these part again and vision improved. Old people and bed ridden patients are at risk for ischemic changes that can affect any part of the body.


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