Three year old baby's eye waters constantly sometimes

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My three year old baby girls some times got watery eyes. The eyes waters constantly even after applying oil to her scalp and giving yogurt and fruit juices.
This started when she joined a nursery school where she plays in the sun in the garden after a bout of fever and cough and now the eyes waters constantly some times. This had happened when she was 1 yr old and we went to India during summer.
This lasted for 2-3 days and stopped after applying oil to scalp. And second time it happened in summer which also last for 2-3 days. But now it waters constantly. There is no itching but she wipes her eyes every now and then.
Please tell me what can I do for this.






Thanks for your Question

Watery eyes without redness or itching is most likely due to nasolacrimal duct obstruction. This duct drains tears from the eye to the nose and for many reasons such as flu, sinusitis and nose problems, can be occluded and cause excessive tearing.

I recommend that you visit E.N.T (ear, nose and throat) specialist. If excessive tearing is associated with red eye or itching, you should visit an ophthalmologist.


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