I have photophobia with high intraocular pressure

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Hi doctor,
My name is Alex. I have been having a kind of defect in right eye for the past 2weeks,the vision has been very blurring, especially in bright environment, but better in the dark.
I have been to a local clinic where i did a Intraoclar pressure test and result of the right eye read, 36mmHg. the doctor gave me a eye drop(betaxolol)and tablets (diamox and k-oslo)which have using according to prescription. my concern is, I'm having high intraocular pressure or close to glaucoma?
Please quick response will lower my concern. thanks. i work with computer more than 10 hours a day can it be responsible?






Thanks for your Question

You have high intraocular pressure in right eye. Your eye doctor should have full eye examination to know what is the cause of it.This is called glaucoma if there is some sort of damage to the optic nerve. Reading or near tasks is not a risk factor for glaucoma.

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