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I have suffered from watery eyes on and off for years. Although previous episodes usually lasted for a few days, this time i have been suffering for about 6wks. My eyes will sting from time to time and water constantly. The right eye is effected more than left eye.

I have tried numerous over the counter eye drops as well as hayfever tablets and am currently on my third prescription. This time the doctor has prescribed fucithalmic acid ointment but the problem persists.

Can you please help?!







Thanks for your question

There are many causes of watery eyes. Watery eyes with redness can be caused by conjunctivitis, corneal infection, corneal abrasions,glaucoma, and so on while watery eyes without redness can be caused by nasolacrimal ducts obstruction.
These ducts drain the tears out of the eyes toward the nose. Any obstruction of these ducts will cause excessive tearing without eye redness and without blurred vision but with time and due to tear stagnation, infection can occur.

Nasolacrimal ducts obstruction can be intermittent in which it will cured spontaneously with out any medications but sometimes it requires treatment.

Take my advice and visit your eye doctor for full ocular examination including patency of nasolacrimal duct.
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