Headache with near vision

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My name is Paul, I'm from Brazil and I have a serious problem related to my eyes. My eyes hurt whenever I try to read and if I insist in reading my face and my head hurt too.

I've already seen my optician several times but he didn't solve my problem. I did some exams but the doctor didn't find anything wrong with my eyes. I started using glasses for myopia one year ago and I've changed my lens 4 times since then.

What is happening with my eyes and what should I do?







Thanks for your question
Headache with near vision or with reading can be due to:
1- Presbyopia in which you in need for reading glass.

2- Convergence insufficiency. Normally when you read your eye should move inward and this is called convergence. If your eyes have problems with convergence in near vision, headache and blurred vision can occur.

3- Exophoria. Which means latent outward deviation of the eye which only appears with near vision. Prolong reading with exophoria can cause headache and blurred vision.
I would advice you to check your near vision and also visit an ophthalmologist who is specialized in strabismus.
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