Halo vision continues a year after lens implants after cataract surgery

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It is almost a year after my cataract surgery and I continue to experience halos around lights at night. Can glasses for night vision help correct this problem? I read that this problem occurs for some, but clears about 6 months to a year; but, I need to drive at night and it hasn't stopped.







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Here are some causes of Halos after cataract surgery:
1- Type of the intraocular lens that was implanted during cataract surgery.
2- Refractive astigmatism which can be corneal astigmatism or lenticular astigmatism due to intraocular lens and can be corrected by eyeglasses.
3- Posterior capsular opacification. Which is a fibrous membrane that is formed at the back surface of the lens and can be removed by YAG capsulotomy.
4- Corneal edema which is uncommon to persist after 6 months.
5- Dry eyes.

The most common cause of these is refractive astigmatism.

You can have a visit to your ophthalmologist in order to correct any of these problem.
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