Eyes crossing when seeing from up close while wearing glasses/contacts

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Since a few months, whenever I wear my contacts or glasses, I have to cross-eyes to be able to see sharp from up close. I never had any issues with my glasses or contacts before. I see fine from up close without them.

It is rather annoying, I have to take off my glasses whenever I want to read the paper or use the computer.

Due to a busy schedule I haven't visited any eye specialist yet. Do you know what I might suffer from? Should I visit a specialist immediately?

9- Duration, Approx 3 months till now-

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Thanks for your Question
It seems that you have some problem with accommodation which is responsible for near vision. There are many reasons that can cause paralysis of accommodation such as medications and viral illness.
The problem might be due to incorrect refractive power of your contact lenses and eyeglasses.
Double check with your optometrist about this issue.
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