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I am 17 and have a white bumb in the upper corner under the flap of my lid and when i first got it it was very itchy for a long time and i could feel it when i moved my eyes to look around.

I got that 2 years ago and still have it but i got use to it and don't really notice it that much and this week i got another in the exact same spot but on the other eye and its symptoms are exactly the same as the other

Can you help ?







Thanks for your Question
These bumb are either Chalazion or Concretions. Chalazion is fatty nodule that occurs when there is obstruction of sebaceous Gland or fatty gland.
It can be treated with hot compressor and eyelid massage but most of the time,surgical excision is required.
Conjunctival Concretions are small white nodules that also can cause mild itching and foreign body sensation. It occurs in patients with dry eyes, allergic conjunctivitis and also chronic conjunctivitis.
Usually Concretions do not require management as long as patients is asymptomatic. Surgical excision is required in symptomatic patient.
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