Dry eye, narrow angles and cataract

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I went to the first ophthalmologist and was diagnosed with dry eye and narrow angles, and an immature cataract. She recommended an iridotomy.
I got a second opinion and that doctor recommended cataract surgery. My optic nerve is healthy right now, but both recommended I have something done soon. I'm leaning towards having the cataract surgery now because I would end up have two procedures rather than four procedures (2 iridotomies now, and 2 cataract surgeries later.) But I really don't know what to do at this point. I'm 66 years old.





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First of all we should know if your angle is narrow from swollen lens or from small eye. OCT of the anterior segment of the eye can show the size of the lens.Swollen lens should be removed by cataract surgery and replaced with intraocular lens.
Intra-operation iridotomy can be done. Small eye can be treated first with iridotomy and follow-up, unless small eye associated with swollen lens and in this case cataract surgery with iridotomy can be done.
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