Blurred Vision after Cataract Surgery

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I had cataract surgery on 04/16/15 on the right eye.

I have glaucoma and did tube implants in the right eye in 2009 and 2012.No light perception in left eye.

The day after surgery at the doctor's office i was not able to read any of the letters on the eye chart, everything was blurred.I was given the holes to view the chart and and was able to see 20/20.

My problem now is that 2 weeks after surgery i am still seeing blurred without glasses. This was the case before i had the surgery. I was expecting the blurriness to be gone after surgery. Was my expectations too high?







Thanks for your Question
There are many causes of blurred vision after cataract surgery such as increase intraocular pressure, corneal edema which usually subside within 2-4 weeks after surgery , inflammation inside the eye which is improved with eye drops and sometimes the implanted intraocular lens is tilted or small temporary membrane developed on it from the inflammation.

Keep using the eye drops as your doctor prescribed them to you and re-visit after 2-3 weeks. You said that with special holes you were able to see 20/20 which is a good sign and most likely the blurred of vision due to inflammation
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