Are glasses good for anisometropia?

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I am an avid bird hunter and skeet shooter and I have this condition. I am also "cross-eyed dominant." Meaning I am righted handed but my left eye is my dominant eye so I have to shoot left-handed. However, my left eye is my near-sighted eye.
I do not currently wear glasses or contacts because I see fine in my everyday life but I want to be a better shooter.
Would glasses help in my situation?





Thanks for your Question

Unfortunately no one can answer this question for you. You have to try to wear eyeglasses to see if you feel comfortable wearing them or not.

Most people can feel comfortable with eyeglasses if the difference between refractive errors of both eyes are less than 4 D. More than 4 D, patients will start to have eye strain mainly due to difference in magnification between both eyes.

Contact lenses have less magnification problems and can be tolerated well by patients. You also should have trial contact lenses to determine if they suit your condition.


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