How to change eye color permanently

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I want to know how much it will be if you change your eye color permanently and where it is in Rio De Janeiro

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Thanks for your Question

Eye color can be changed permanently by artificial iris implant.This type of surgery is used for people with Aniridia (Absence of iris, either congenitally of after trauma).

Recently it was used for cosmetic purpose for people who want to change the colors of their eyes.

For me i don't advise any one to do this kind of surgery unless there is a medical indication for that and here are the reasons:

1- Iris Implantation is an intraocular surgery. Any type of intraocular surgery has its own risks and complications such as endophthalmitis, retinal detachment, choroidal detachments and so on.

2- Many patients who underwent this kind of surgery had complications related to the iris implant itself such as uveitis (intraocular inflammation), corneal damage and edema,cataract and high intraocular pressure.

Read this article about complication of iris implant.

You can use Colored Contact Lenses which are safer than implant and You can find them in a variety of colors.
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