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I am 19 years old boy. I am having BLOODSHOT eye (only Right eyeball's left side) since 2007. Fortunately it hasnt been any big problem for me to see things clearly. I mean, I am having 20/20 vision according to the doctors estimation. But my question is, "Does this kind of bloodshot eye disqualifies you from getting selected in Airforce as a Fighter pilot?"

I am extremely worry about it but, the various doctors said that, its not going to be any problem at all at Airforce medical exam unless you are having 20/20 vision. And i am having 20/20 vision according to the last check up of my both eyes.

My second question is, "Anyone who is having clear and normal vision, i mean having no difficulties seeing things far away from him, is there any feasibility of not having 6/6 or 20/20 vision?

I mean, if you are seeing things very clear, having no eye problem like myopia, Hyperemia, Astigmatism, is there any possibility that he is not having 6/6 or 20/20 vision?

please do reply me...because i am not getting proper and confident answer from anyone. Please it will be much appreciated. And also please provide me with the cure of this bloodshot eye permanently, cause its irritating me to look at the people..

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Thanks for your Question
It seems you have nevus or abnormal conjunctival blood vessels. It is harmless and might cause irritation or dry eyes.I don't think you will be disqualified because of this.
20/20 means you see clearly and if you don't see clearly it means that your vision is not 20/20 and if you have astigmatism or myopia or hyperopia, your vision won't be 20/20 without glasses
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