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Sometime ago I went to ophthalmologist for a sight test. After received the eyeglasses I noticed that the right lens has a much higher magnification effect. When I look to a book through this lens, the letters are much bigger than when I look through the left lens

I think there's something wrong, because without eyeglasses I see much better with my right eye-is almost perfect, and I see blurry when I look only with left eye. Any advice will be truly welcome.

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Thanks for your Question
From your question it seems that the power of the right eye is different from that in the left eye which also means the magnification power will be different. High refractive power of the lens can cause high magnification.
You said that you see almost perfect with your right eye for near while for left eye it is blurry. This means that you just need near eyeglass with refractive power to your left eye only and for your right eye it should be without power.
You have to make sure that the glasses you have are for near not for far because the refractive powers are different for far and near.
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