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I recently took my 7 year old daughter in for her routine eye exam. The doctor said she has "expanded eye nerves" and asked if she was premature or had headaches. She wasn't and doesn't have headaches.
The doctor then said she wants an ophthomologist to take a look at her eyes, but didn't offer much more information than that. I am a bit worried and cannot locate any information regarding this subject.
She has not had any surgeries and we have never heard this before (the doctor even asked if anyone had ever told us this, which they haven't).
She doesn't take eye drops and has about 1.75 correction in each eye and wears glasses for distance and school. Any additional information is appreciated.





Thanks for your Question
We don't have such terminology in ophthalmology and I am not sure what did he mean by expanded eye nerves.

Your child looks healthy from what you said but there are many healthy people who have simple,asymptomatic and non progressive congenital ocular defect such as small optic disc, large optic disc, myelinated nerve fibers, persistent hyaloid artery and so on.
I think it would be a good idea to visit an ophthalmologist to have complete eye examination for your kid
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