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My right eye has double vision problem since last two week.

In the morning after I wake up, it can see things clearly without double vision. After a few hours (sometime as little as two hours), it starts to see double vision.

May I know what is the real cause? Could this develop into cataracts? I'm worried because I'm just 41 year-old.







Thanks for your Question

You have to check first if the double vision is unicular or binocular. uniocular means when one eye is opened while binocular means both eyes are opened.

Another important thing is to know if double vision is associated with blurred vision or not. If so, you should visit your eye doctor.

One of the most common cause of monocular double vision is dry eyes which is simply treated with artificial tears.This is the only problem that you can treat it by yourself without visiting an eye doctor. If the problem persists, you should visit an eye doctor.


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