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Hello doctor,

Why do i always tilt my head upward when looking at something. Sometimes i tilt my head up to feel comfortable looking and see more clearly.

Sometimes i squint intensely to focus.

What are the possible causes?

Thank you






Thanks for your Question

There are many causes for Chin Up position of the head. It can be due to ocular muscles deviations or abnormalities and you said that sometimes you have to squint to see better.

Sometimes Ptosis or drooping of eyelid can be the cause

Refractive errors especially astigmatism can sometimes cause chin up head position.

Retinal or optic nerve abnormalitis can cause visual field defects called altitudinal visual field defects which means you can't see clearly in either the upper part or the lower part of your visuall fields.

I highly recommend that you visit an eye doctor for full eye examination


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