Brown mark on eye sclera

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The other day I accidently got specs of toothpaste in my eyes. After looking in the mirror, I noticed a relly light brown mark near my iris on my sclera it is bugging me. Is it possible that the toothpaste could of caused this mark? also is there any treatment for marks such as this i.e over the counter or even more agressive ones that have to be prescribed by a doctor.


Brown Mark in My sclera






Thanks for your Question

I am sorry  but i wouldn't be that helpful for you, your pic is not clear and i couldn't see brown mark in your eye. It could be simple things or in rare case it can be a serious condition. If you have blurred vision and pain you should visit your eye doctor SAP. It can be small subconjunctival hemorrhage which is self limited condition and no need to worry about. It can be more severe and serious condition and in this case i would recommedn that you visit your eye doctor to rule out any corneal wound that cause the iris to prolapse from the wound to outside.


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