Is there a medical eye condition called overseeing?

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I have no stress or strain reading anything far or near, but my eyes turn red when ever i'm working on my laptop in the office. Its even worse when the AC is on. Sometimes the light from screens like my laptop or phone makes me uncomfortable and may cause a slight headache (though its possible I might just be hungry then).

Had my eyes checked this morning and the doctor said I'm not longsighted neither am i shortsighted, he said in layman's english, my eyes were seeing to clearly or overseeing and its stressing or affecting the muscles thats why my eyes turn red. It got me baffled.

I really don't understand clearly yet and would like you to explain further if you can please. Plus he prescribed this

OD: + 0.5005
OS: +0.5005
(Single VIsion + Photochromic)





Thanks for your question

It is called overworking not overseeing or can be called computer eye strain. It can cause eye pain, headache and signs of dry eyes such as redness, foreign bosy sensationa and light sensitivity.

Read this article about computer eye strain and i hope you find it helpful

You can use lubricant eye drops frequently, especially if you spend a long time staring in your computer.


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