Blocked tear duct

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    USA (United States of America)

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    Born with clogged tear ducts
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    Surgery to open them at 3 years old
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last year had partial clogged duct and a doctor flushed water through and after second attempt went through. I didn’t have problems again except periodically when I talk feels like vibration by duct .

Had a mini sinus problem and CT scan before showed only inflamed sinuses .  

Now have eye run tiny bit but if hold nose, air comes through . How likely this is a tumor for over a year ?  No lumps showing or swelling .  I am petrified 







Thanks for your Question

It is highly unlikely that you have tumor if there is no mass and yout CT scan showed mild sinusitis.

It is normal to feel air comes from the duct if you blow your nose becauuse there is a communication between nose the the opening of the duct in the eyelid.

Chronic recurrent obstruction of nasolacrimal duct is also common and sometimes probing of flushing water isn't enugh and surgery might be required.

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