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I’ve had bumps in both of my eyes for almost 3 months now. I saw my optometrist a month ago and explained what was going on.

He examined me and said I have chalazion and to use lubricating eye drops 4x a day. He didn’t seem concerned.

I’m worried because the bumps are only getting bigger and my eyes are painful, irritated and scratchy.

Is it abnormal to have chalazia in both eyes and could it be a type of cancer? Will my regular dr be able to help or do I need an ophthalmologist?


Chalazion 1Chalazion 2Chalazion 3






Thanks for your Question

Lubricant eye drops with warm compress can be helpful to reduce the size of the chalazion but most of the time, surgical removal of the chalazion is required and this procedure is done by an ophthalmologist.

Multiple chalazion in both eyes is a common condition and can be caused by chronic blepharitis, poor lid hygiene, acne and rosacea.

Recurrent chalazion can raise the suspicion of sebaceous gland carcinoma which is a rare condition

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