Pathological Myopia

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    Mild Myopia
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I have mild myopia 0.25 to 3.00 D. I was diagnoised when I was about 21, which would make it adult onset myopia, but I could of had it earlier than that.

In the last year my myopia has got worse in both eyes and in one eye the change has been -1.50 D which seems like a big change. I didn't think myopia would get worse at my age, I'm 28 years.

I'm worried that if it keeps progressing it could turn in pathological myopia. Can mild myopia change to pathological myopia at my age? Is it possible that simple myopia can become pathological in adulthood?

Thank you for your time.





Thanks for your Question

It is very ucommon to mild myopia to change to pathological myopia at your age. It usually stabilize at age 21-23 but in some people it can occur later, at 30s.

Nothing to wrroy about it, just regular follow up with your doctor would be enough


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