Double vision with new eyeglasses

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I recently bought Eyeglasses and my right eye seems to be seeing double vision. the Site where I bought the glasses mentioned that the prescription looked strange, so I called my optometrist and his office said the prescription was correct; or should I say written correctly.

The prescription for the right is Sph +0.25, Cyl -0.75 Axis 75.

The left is -1.25, -0.50 Axis 77.

Would the +0.25 Sph (what the eyeglass site suggested was wrong) cause double vision in my right eye? I don't have it without the glasses or with my old pair.







Thanks for your Question

You have double vision only while you wearing the new eyeglasses not without it and not with your old eyeglasses. It means there is something wrong with the prescription of the new eyeglasses or in IPD (Interpupillary distance) or with the frame.

IPD is the distance measured between the centers of the pupils of the eyes and it is different from one person to another. It should be measured correctly because this distance will determine the optical center on each lens.

The new prescription might be wrong and any wrong parameter of the prescription, either the sphere, cylinder or axis can cause double vision

I recommend to visit your optometrist for new refraction


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