Corneal abrasion with foreign body sensation

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I went to the doctors 3 days ago because I had pain in my eye all week, during the exam he found that I had a corneal abrasion. 

He prescibed me antibiotic eye drops to prevent infection and I have a follow up in 3 days.  My eye is still bothering me and I still have the sensation of something in my eye, is this normal to feel ?. 

While searching online it says that more abrasions heal within a couple of days.  Is there anything I can do for the pain. 







Thanks for your question

Corneal abrasion can cause foreign body sensation and eye pain with excessive lacrimation

It is self healing and usually takes few days.

You have to use antibiotics eye drops to prevent infection also preservative free lubricant eye drops should be used to reduce foreign body sensation.

Sometimes bandage contact lenses can be added to reduce foreign body sensation and pain.


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