Left red eye

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I woke up a couple of days ago with a bloodshot eye Only one was red( left) but not the whole white part of the eye but the part closest to my nose.

I have hay fever but it never made my eye this red ever. I don't wake up with discharge only a little crust.

What should i do?


 Left red eye






Thanks for your Question

Your left eye has mild redness and there are many causes of it from dry eye, allergic conjuctivitis, bacterial or viral conjuctivitis, episcleritis or scleritis. These are the most common causes. Viral and bacterial conjunctivitis start in one eye then spread to the other eye while allergic conjucntivitis starts in both eyes.

Itching and foreign body sensation are the main symptoms of allergic conjucntivitis which also can be the first symptoms of viral discharge While bacterial cojucntivitis cause yellow discharge with ocular pain.

Episcleritis can cause mild eye pain with sectoral redness of the eye and it can be treated with NSAIDs eye drops.

Try to use lubricant eye drops and if you find no improvement you should visit your eye doctor. If you have red eye with blurred vision you should visit your eye doctor as soon as possible.


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