Eyes are burning, only extremly hard blinking gives brief relief

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    I do but only for driving. My vision stigmatism is very mild, but enough that I am required to wear them in order to legally drive. I can manage seeing words from far distance without them but it is harder and that is a safety risk on the road
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    reflux, scoliosis, bipolar, adhd, anxiety, sleep apnea, restless legs.






For the last few weeks I have had these periodic feelings where my eyes burn. It feels like the sensation you get when you purposely don't blink.

I do blink. But I still feel the burn. Tonight it got worse. Constantly I am doing this hard blink squint where I blink really hard but have to hold it shut tight for about 3 to 5 seconds at the most to get a few seconds of not burning eyes then I gotta do it again.

Is this a symptom of dry eyes? if so is there a specific eye drop brand you would reccomend

Thank you






Thanks for your Question

Yes this is one of the symptoms of dry eyes. You should read this article about the treatments of dry eyes. There are many over the counter lubricant eye drops such as systane, genteal, optive, refresh tears and so on. Try to use preservative free lubrication.


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