Headaches and blurred vision and slight bulge or drop in right eye

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Over the last few years I have suffered from what I thought was migraines. In the last 2 years the frequency has increased sometimes a couple of days a week compared to once a month or every few months. Also the pain intensified.

I also now get blurred vision lasting about 20 mins. I also noticed that my right eye looks slightly bulging compared to other and looks lower which from looking at pictures from years ago this was not the case. 

Also a new issue occurred only a couple of times which I believe to be absent seizures where its like I lose awareness and it feels like I have lost time for a few minutes and have no memory of that few minutes.






Thanks for your Question

You said that you feel one of your eye is bulged and lower than the other eye. You have to visit your eye doctor to rule out any mass in the orbit that pushes your eye forward and downward which also can cause pain similar to migraine.

Regarding your seizure, you have to consult a neurologist regarding this issue


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