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    United Arab Emirates

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    I had an infection but healed
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I once had an infection in both my eyes and after i healed i experienced nearsightedness in my right eye (6/9 was the result of a test), although my left eye's vision remained the same (6/6), it is now getting weaker since last year and now my left eye is getting to same level as my right.

Yet when i wake up, i see everything crystal clear for a maximum of 15 minutes, i can read small numbers from a far distance but then it all gets blurry after fifteen minutes or less.

What could be causing the nearsightedness? And is there a way to stop it from getting worse or make my eyesight better?

I don't know if the information is relevant but my right eye is significantly bigger than my left eye.







Thanks for your Question

It seems you have dry eyes in which the vision is clear after you wake up but it get blurred during the day. Try to use preservative free lubricant eye drops.

It is completely normal that your nearsightedness is getting worse each year. Vision is stabilized after the age of 20 years. You should check your vision regularly with your optometrist.


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