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Hello Sir,

I am swapan from Bangladesh. I have both eyes black spot when i close one eyes i can't see a little space.  As i remember When i was 13/14 years old then first i discover that problem. I went few eyes doctor in my city and discrive many ways to them my problem. every doctor run many test on my eyes and finally they said you dont have any problem. but i know i have problem. i dont know that spot is same or increase. few years ago i read some website about it and i fear . who dont wanna see that beautiful world ?

I will be so happy if you suggest me what should i do and what is the correct medicine for it ?

Also is there any exercise for remove that black spot ? OR,  what is my eyes future ? will i fully blind oneday or that spot is normal issue ?

Another issue,  i am a Computer Engineer and everyday almost 12 hours i watch on my laptop screen and dont wear any glass . So, what is your suggession for work with laptop ?

Please,   let me know what should i do !







Thansk for yur Question

It seems you have eye floaters and you examined your eye many times with eye doctors. It is a benign condition and nothing to worry about. Just regulat annual follow up with your eye doctor and that is all.

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