Sleeping in Contact Lenses

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    Augentonic for the past 3 days to deal with the redness in my left eye
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    Soft Lenses usually but I have stopped since u developed redness on my left eye
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I accidentally slept with my soft lens and when I woke up I found my left eye red. I stopped wearing soft lens right after and have been using augentonic eye drop twice daily.

There's no discharge. My red eye actually feels normal except for the redness. It has been three days and the redness still remains.

What should I do?


Sleeping in Contact Lenses






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You shuldn't sleep with contact lenses as this might increase the risk of contact lens related keratitis or corneal infection. You should visit your eye doctor as soon as possible if you have eye pain or blurred vision.

You should use antibiotics eye drops with lubrication .Augentonic eye drop is neither an antibiotic nor it is a lubrication and i advice strongely not to use it. If you feel no improvement or your condition is gettig worse, you should go to your eye doctor.

You shouldn't wear contact lens until your eye is completely healed and you have to use new pair of contact lens


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