Crowded Optic Discs with proptosis

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I have been diagnosed with Left Proptosis, Right 6th Nerve Palsy and Crowded Optic Discs this week 27/2/19. I also have Numbness in my legs Knee to Waist. Waiting for Thyroid tests.

I have had double vision, but this is mostly normal now, but with some blurriness. The current wait for an MRI is 1-2 weeks.
Is it okay to wait 2 weeks before the MRI and treatment?






Thanks for your Question

What is understand from your question is tha you had 6th nerve palsy and double vision a long time ago so there is no urgency now for MRI. You can wait 1-2 weeks.

Most likely you have multiple sclerosis which cause 6th nerve palsy, blurry vision due to optic neuritis and body weakness so they need to run MRI to be sure of that. The only thing that doesn't come with multiple sclerosis is proptosis so i think MRI would be very helpful to find the cause of proptosis.


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