Strange light flashes in my left eye

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I have an odd thing happening in my left eye. I see a flash of light when I look right to left in the left side of my eye; it is a curve from top to bottom.

It happens in day light, night time, and even in the dark with my eyes closed. I move my pupil left to right and see a bright arc of light. I can't make it stay there, it just flashes as I move my eye balls left to right.

Any ideas? 







Thanks for your Question

Most likely these flashes are due to the movement of vitreous body inside your eyes. There is attachment between vitreous and retina and with eye movement, this vitroeus move and stimlate the retina causing you to see flashes.

I always recommend my patients who see flashes of light to visit an eye doctor to examine the back of the eye to be sure there is no retinal tears or holes or retinal detachment.


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