My Right Eye is Red

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My right eye has been red. My eyelid is becoming lower than the left eye. My eye is very small compared to the other one. And it's slowly turning inward now.

What should I do







 Zaditor Eye Drops for Red Eye

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You are a contact lens wearer and you suffer from red eye. The first thing we have to be sure about is that you dont have bacterial infection from Contact lens. You have to remove contact lens and visit an eye doctor as soon as possible.

Other Benign causes of red eye are dry eye and allergic conjuctivitis

Dry eye which is common in contact lens wearer can be treated with artificial tears such as Optive, Refresh Tears, Systane and genteal.

There areAlaway Eye Drops for Allergic Conjunctivitis certain artifical tears can be used while you wearing contact lenses such as Systane Contacts.

Allergic Conjunctivitis can be treated with antihistamine eye drops such as Zaditor eye drops and Alaway Eye Drops.


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