Irritation with contact lenses

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    Only sometimes when I feel as if there's something in my eye or it's dry after taking contact lenses out.
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    I wear fortnightly lenses and glasses at night.
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I've been wearing my contact lenses all day since about 7am, and throughout the day ive felt a sort of pain in my left eye, just above the contact lense.

when I took them out it hurt quite a bit for a few moments and my eye felt a bit irritated. I switched out the contact lense and it helped but now I've switched to glasses and its still a bit irritated.

What could be causing this?







Thanks for your question

The first thing you should do is to remove your contact lens and use lubrication or artificial tears for dry eyes. Contact lenses can cause severe dry eyes.

With dry eyes you will feel irritation, burning and foreign body sensation.

You also have to clean, rinse and disinfect the lens with the solution in case any eyelashes, dirts or small foreign body may be stuck on the lens.

Check your lens for any damage if you notice any , get a new one.

Don't wear contact lens again until you are free from these symptoms. If they persist, you should visit your eye doctor.

If symptoms persist after you reinsert your contact lenses, you should remove them and consult your eye doctor

if you notice any Redness , blurred of vision and severe pain you should get rid of these lenses and visit your eye doctor as soon as possible because it might be contact lenses related infection


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