Cataract Eye Surgeries

Should i have Cataract Surgery

I’m 42 yrs old & have cataracts (born with one) For at least the past 10yrs I’ve been wearing contacts. Near sightedness with Astigmatism. A few months ago...
Ocular Diseases

White Cloth obscures my vision

Good morning,
I want to consult about an eye issue. For 2 months I see in my right eye as if it were a "white cloth" that goes down and cover the entire right eye and at that ...
Lasik and refractive surgeries

Blurred vision after PRK

Hi Doctor,
This is Danish. I had isometric refractive error in my eyes so for that I had undergo trans PRk on 13th march but even after a month my vision still not clear. Can ...
Eye Drops

Eye drops for iris color change

Do you know if the product iCOLOUR - eyes drops - which is advertised to change the color of eyes (the color of the IRIS) safe for usage?
Can one go blind? How long wi...
Ocular Diseases

Colour change in my iris

So I have been dealing with annoyance with my eye for a little bit, but I've been figuring that it's due to long eyelashes. But I was looking in the mirror to see if there...

Pathological Myopia

I have mild myopia 0.25 to 3.00 D. I was diagnoised when I was about 21, which would make it adult onset myopia, but I could of had it earlier than that.
In the last year...
Ocular Diseases

Multiple Chalazion

I’ve had bumps in both of my eyes for almost 3 months now. I saw my optometrist a month ago and explained what was going on.
He examined me and said I have chalazio...
Retinal Diseases

Eye Floaters recently

Yesterday I noticed stringy, smoky like black floaters in my right eye.  Last night there are also flashes of light in the peripheral field of that eye.
What I&rsquo...
Contact Lenses

Daily Contact Lenses

I use biofinity contacts (monthly) but would like to find a daily one that is similar.  I have tried clariti contact lenses but they are not comfortable for me. ...
Ocular Diseases

Blocked tear duct

last year had partial clogged duct and a doctor flushed water through and after second attempt went through. I didn’t have problems again except periodically wh...